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Alberta Pro Movers (Moving Company)
440-10816 Macleod Trail S #143, Calgary, AB T2J 5N8 Canada
+1 403-455-5070
  • Description:
    When it comes time to move long distance, whether it is for yourself or for a whole company, you want somebody you can trust. Alberta Pro Movers (Moving Company) is your trusted source. Long distance moving in Calgary is the center of our business. They work with each individual like they are moving themselves.

    Categories: Long distance moving in Calgary
  • Reviews:
    "Alberta Pro Movers (Moving Company) was our best option. All our possessions arrived safe and sound and with no break. I would recommend this mover for long distance moving Calgary without doubt; I was really pleased with this service, and will be using them again next time I move."
    Sylvester B.