Provincial Nomination Program > Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program established under the Canada-Nova Scotia Immigration Agreement in recognition of the fact that the province is best positioned to determine its specific economic needs in terms of immigration.

The five-year agreement allows Nova Scotia to nominate one thousand skilled immigration candidates -- 200 each calendar year -- who will meet the specific economic and industrial development needs of the province.

The Nova Scotia PNP seeks out potential immigrants with characteristics suggesting a strong likelihood of becoming successfully established in Nova Scotia, including those who otherwise may not qualify under Canada's immigration criteria. It offers qualified workers and business people an opportunity to be assessed as candidates who might be of significant benefit to the province’s economic development.

The immigration agreement with the federal government is part of the province's economic growth strategy. Under the new agreement, Nova Scotia will work in co-operation with local groups and industry associations to attract immigrants to fill gaps in the job market and improve the provincial economy.

"This agreement is a positive step toward helping immigrants gain access to the labor market in a way that matches their qualifications and aspirations," said Jane Purves, Nova Scotia's minister responsible for immigration. "Nova Scotia needs to be a keen competitor for new immigrants and we will continue working with our federal colleagues to move initiatives forward."

Nova Scotia will provide a recruitment plan to the government of Canada. The federal government will continue to enforce statutory requirements related to security and medical screening and will retain the right to exercise the final selection authority. Nominees brought in under the agreement will become permanent residents of Canada who can, after three years, apply for Canadian citizenship.