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In the Independent/Skilled Worker Class, a skilled worker is someone who has at least one (1) year of full-time (37.5 hours per week or more) work experience within the past ten (10) years in one of the occupations listed in either Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC). The NOC was developed by Human Resources Development Canada to be a systematic cataloging of occupations in the Canadian labor market. The NOC is divided into five (5) bands:

Skill Type 0 Management Occupations;
Skill Level A which is primarily comprised of professional occupations;
Skill Level B which consists of technical, skilled trades and paraprofessional occupations;
Skill Level C which comprises occupations that mainly consist of intermediate level, clerical or supportive functions;
Skill Level D which consists of elemental sales or service and primary laborer occupations.

Only experience in Skill Type 0 or Skill Levels A and B are considered relevant for applicants in the Independent/Skilled Worker Class.

To immigrate in the Independent/Skilled Worker Class, the experience in Skill Type 0 or Skill Levels A and B must consist of actions described in the lead description and a substantial number of the duties described in the Main Duties section of the NOC, including all the essential duties.

If an applicant meets the above prerequisites, they are then assessed according to various selection criteria by Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials and applicants must attain a minimum score of sixty-seven (67) points overall in order to be eligible to become permanent residents of Canada.

These selection criteria are as follows:

1. Education: Maximum 25 Points
2. Official Languages: Maximum 24 Points
3. Experience: Maximum 21 Points
4. Arranged Employment: Maximum 10 Points
5. Age: Maximum 10 Points
6. Adaptability: Maximum 10 Points
TOTAL POINTS: Maximum 100 Points

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